Thursday, October 8, 2009

Movie Moment!!

You know the moment in a movie when the character really wants to do something naughty and they have a little flash of what would happen if they did it.....then they get really happy because they think they were so courageous they actually did what they were thinking....and then reality brings them back down to earth with a huge THUD!!!

Well today that movie moment happened to me!

There I was sitting in a sales team meeting at work when often we get drilled about how bad we're doing (when really we're doing good) but they try and make us feel like we're doing bad so we try and do better. Well I'm on to there so obvious tactics.. WHAT THE HECK DO THEY WANT FROM US! So, annoyed as usual I sat there and kept my mouth shut. Because honestly what could anyone say that could change the usual repetition from our lovely boss of we're doing bad at this and bad at that......

Commence dream mode...

All of a sudden I stand up and say in a really irritated and loud voice, look here bitch, we're trying as hard as we can, this stupid company brings in new policies everyday and our job is constantly getting harder and there are constantly more things we have to remember to do every single day, and you think we are doing bad?? (I walk over and get all up in her face)You know what I think? I think you just shut the fuck up and be grateful that we are making sales at all and stop focusing on the how 'bad' we are doing because your stupid tactics aren't working. We don't even listen to you half the time!! My boss cowers underneath me speechless because I'm the first to stand up to her in the 10 years she has reigned as queen bee of the company. I continue..And get your lunch yourself you fat slob! It wouldn't kill you to get off your arse for once and stop telling us what to do!! All my colleauges look up to me in awe and start venting there own 'concerns'. All of a sudden we all line up in sequence and start singing and dancing terrific choreography to "you try to make me go to rehab and I say NO NO NO!!"...

And THUD!!! Damn back to reality...oh and shes talking to me...oops

Every good day dream has to end in song and dance ;-P (or sex) hehe
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Geography Lesson # 1

Now you may not know it but I aspire to be a Travel Agent some day, so I have to get my knowledge up on the world. As you may know I am heading to Europe next year so I already know a bit about Europe. Every week I will post a geography lesson on some quirky facts about different locations around the world. Some I've been to already, some are yet to come.

Lesson # 1 features Phuket Thailand

Phuket is in the south of Thailand.

The Welcome Sign..Every Tourists Dream =D

Viking Cove, Really Beautiful =D
And yes the water is really that blue.

These are called Tuk Tuks, its the way you get around Phuket.
When you walk down the foot path you have lots of people yelling at you to take a ride in their tuk tuk or get a massage. Its a bit daunting to begin with but eventually you just ignore them and its better.

There is a baby elephant show after you take a ride through the jungle on an elephant in true tourist style. They are super cute and definatly worth seeing =D

The view from our hotel room, IMPORTANT NOTE: 3 star in Thailand means electricity black outs and cold showers. Invest some extra money and stay 4 or 5 star. It'll be worth it.

Thats this geography lesson over, if you have any questions just ask. Would love to hear your feedback.

 Your Drama Addict

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When is to young too....??

You always here your parents and grandparents go on about how we're too young for this and too young for that, and back in there day they used to walk miles to school with no shoes and had no TV or mobiles. Which is fair enough if they want to constantly live in the past. But truth is its not their day anymore, its our day and we get to decide if we're to young. There are so many things we could be too young for, but also a lot that we could be to old for and I think thats for us to decide not anyone else. Parents and Grandparents would take that statement as a typical gen Y not listening to anyone and having too many opinions, but I don't care. So what that I don't remember a time before computers or mobile phones. Theres nothing wrong with the world that I have grown up in. I still have morals and beliefs, I just use channel them through technology.

Anyway how young is too young too....

-To have a baby??

Debatable, veryyyyy debatable...I think if your mentally ready for a baby and can accept the responsibility then age doesn't matter. People still look down on teenage pregnancy but its still happening and I think somewhere a long the way its no longer accepted to have babies young. When last century it was the norm to marry and have a family young..funny how times change.

-To have a mobile phone??

I know a 5 year old that has a mobile phone, now I think that is just ridiculous. There is absolutely no way that a child under the age of at least 10 should have a mobile phone, and even then just for safety purposes. I know that my social life didn't warrant a mobile phone until I was 13 or 14, in high school. Now I think that is normal these days. To have a mobile once you get to high school. But you still get the kids that a spoilt rotten and go through mobile phones like candy.

-To get married??

I think once you reach your 20's thats a good age to marry. As long as your in love and have been for quite some time I don't see a reason not too. Your not a baby anymore once your in your 20's.

-To have a facebook page??

I think 13 is just pushing it to have a facebook page. In order to social network all your friends have to be online and a lot of parents don't let their children do that type of thing, which I think is perfectly reasonable because teenagers at that age are going through enough without someone bitching about them on the internet.

-To have a job??

Legally in Australia you cannot have a job until your 14 and 9 months but some families who own farms and properties set their children to work much younger....i think kids should be kids while they can. When I was growing up I had to babysit my younger siblings pretty much everyday while my mother went to work. That meant I didn't really get a childhood. I had to spend my younger years acting old beyond my years. So there is no way I would send any child of mine to work before legally possible. But its up to the individual.

-To move out of home??

I moved out of home when I was 17 and had no support from my mother, and I'm not going to lie, it was very hard. Because I wasn't legally an adult it was hard to get my own place, I had to rent with a friend who was 18. I had 2 casual jobs, so money was tight. Those were the funnest times of my teenage years because I had a freedom I'd never had before but looking back I think I was too young. I think 18 would be a good age to move out and become independent but even if your at home until your 25 I think thats great. Personally I couldn't have done that because I couldn't stand my mother when I lived at home. She was very strict. If we had got along I never would have moved out. But I suppose this one depends on the situation.

Well theres just a few things, there are sooo much more..

What do yous think??

Your Drama Addict
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