Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Geography Lesson # 1

Now you may not know it but I aspire to be a Travel Agent some day, so I have to get my knowledge up on the world. As you may know I am heading to Europe next year so I already know a bit about Europe. Every week I will post a geography lesson on some quirky facts about different locations around the world. Some I've been to already, some are yet to come.

Lesson # 1 features Phuket Thailand

Phuket is in the south of Thailand.

The Welcome Sign..Every Tourists Dream =D

Viking Cove, Really Beautiful =D
And yes the water is really that blue.

These are called Tuk Tuks, its the way you get around Phuket.
When you walk down the foot path you have lots of people yelling at you to take a ride in their tuk tuk or get a massage. Its a bit daunting to begin with but eventually you just ignore them and its better.

There is a baby elephant show after you take a ride through the jungle on an elephant in true tourist style. They are super cute and definatly worth seeing =D

The view from our hotel room, IMPORTANT NOTE: 3 star in Thailand means electricity black outs and cold showers. Invest some extra money and stay 4 or 5 star. It'll be worth it.

Thats this geography lesson over, if you have any questions just ask. Would love to hear your feedback.

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