Sunday, November 8, 2009

Geography Lesson # 2

Now in high school I took Ancient History, I absolutely loved of my favorite subjects. Theres Just something fascinating about learning how people used to live, so the places I want to visit the most are places featured in my ancient history classes.

Lesson # 2 features: Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is located in the north of Egypt..

Tonnes of people flock to these ancient attractions every year, the ancient pyramids which were originally built to house the tombs of the pharohs, the largest pyramid in Giza (located on the outskirts of Cairo) is called The Pyramid of Khufu. It is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence.

The Sphinx is also located near the pyramids but the history of the sphinx is unclear and there are many different theories about how it came to be. Although it has been worn away over the centuries it is still said to be a breathtaking sight.

The Egyptian Museum is home to countless ancient Egyptian artifacts.

Ibn Tulun, the oldest, and maybe most beautiful mosque in Cairo.

If you've been to Egypt or know someone thats been, post some advice for future travellers =D
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The Special Moments..

There are certain moments in life when you sit back and think wow, my life is pretty great and of course there are times when you sit back and think damn it my life sucks. For me this tends to vary daily and unfortunately that may just be me or can I blame it on being female?? hmmmm i think ill go with the thing i cant help which is being female.. Anyway the story the inspires this entry is as follows...

Yesterday was Saturday and normally i have plans to keep myself occupied, whether its sitting on facebook all day, watching tv or going out with friends...well on this particular Saturday i had no computer, there was nothing on tv and my friends also had no ideas. So here I was sitting at home with absolutely nothing to do and then as usual i start to ponder my life...And usually when im alone and ponder my life it doesnt turn out so great..i start thinking that im in a dead end job, im too fat, i have no new clothes because im always broke (tear), but usually what gets me is my relationship. Especially when you think your life should be like a romantic comedy. Things just can never be good enough for me when it comes to Drama King, so im sure while feeling like this was not a good time to watch P.S I love you because that just makes me cry. Theres no way around it..its wayyyy to romantic. But i just cant help having romantically high expectations when it comes to my life. Ive seen way to many romantic movies to look back now. Changing my expectations would be like changing my whole personality and i'm just not prepared to do that. So here i was sitting on the couch feeling all depressed and I just couldnt help it..(i actually thought i must be getting my period) but it turns out thats just what happens when im left bored out of my brain. My brain actually starts to create problems to keep me entertained (not that depression is a form of entertainment). But now to the plus side...

Whilst feeling depressed you've pretty much hit rock bottom, which may or may not be on a regular basis, but the plus side is that your mood can only get better, right??? Right!! Well Drama King completely redeemed himself today. I had a family bbq to go to for my mothers bday. Now normally Drama King kicks and screams when I drag him to these events, but no, today he was perfectly fine(except that I had to pick out his clothes because he has no fashion sense), so we went along to the bbq, he cooks the whole meal, doesn't even complain about it, he lets me take a million photos which normally he doesn't allow because he thinks i take too many photos, kisses and cuddles me the whole time, actually talks to my grandma (which i dont even do otherwise id be there all day(she doesnt shut up) and then to top it off he gives me an amazing massage. mmmm.. now it may not be straight out of a romantic comedy but its the little things like that that can just brighten your day and make you more dramatically in love. Its the effort that i was looking for and now i know that he's really trying. So that my friends are the special moments, when the man you love really trys to be the best he can be for you.
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