Sunday, June 20, 2010

Home Aloneeeeeeee

Soooo Drama King has gone away to visit his family for a wholeeeee week and im home alone, eeeeek. I dont know how to feel about it at all. Im sure you know the feeling when you live with someone, you cant wait to get a moment alone just to do what you want to do. Well now i have that moment, a whole week of moments and im sort of wondering what i should do. To him i was like awww ill miss you but have fun and in my head i was thinking, yes now i get some alone time, and now night time has come and im sitting here thinking, hmmmm now what?? what was i dying to do that i couldnt do with Drama King at home?? Gosh i dont even know now!!

All the house work is done, ive got no new dvds to watch, i ordered sims three online last week but it still hasnt come in the mail. I did just borrow a new book from my mum called "The Carrie Diaries" which is about Carrie before sex and the city when she was a teenager, but i feel like if i spend my alone time reading somehow it would be a waste, even though i love reading. Oh i dont know!!

What do you do when you get alone time? (non sexual things) haha

Drama Addict
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Saturday, June 19, 2010


So where we last left off was on the ferry going over the English Channel, when we arrived in France it felt like any other place until we got on the road, after driving about an hour we stopped off at a mini-shopping complex thing that had a fuel station and like a supermarket and the french fast food chain which is called Quick (i think)..anyway we were all so nervous because our tour guide had told us the french are rude to you if you dont even try to speak a bit of french to them and just assume they speak english, so she taught us the basics, French lesson 101----->> Bonjour= Hello, Auvior= Goodbye, Wee= Yes, Merci= Thank-you. Ok so we walk into Quick and want to order some lunch, I walk up the the register and of course the whole menu is in french, so i have to go by what the pictures look like and i try and read/point to what i want and the register girl catches on and she knows what im after, and after the difficulty of establishing i wanted coke as the drink she brought the drink over and put it on the tray waiting for the rest of my food, me being thirsty of course went to pick up the drink coz id already paid for my food and as luck would happen the darling register girl hadnt put the lid on properly so the coke spilt all over the counter all over my bag and on the floor because when i picked it up the lid came off and i dropped it. After tryiny to apologise the girl ushered me on after getting me another coke and there i was thinking, no wonder the french hate tourists, although it was only partly my fault i knew the first impressions had already been done and dusted..

So after our stop we continued on in the bus to Paris, now when we actually arrived in Paris the traffic was so horrendous in actually took us like an hour just to get to the hotel, and oh boy were we dissapointed, the room was so small!! and there idea of a double bed is pushing two single beds together. So once we put our luggage in the room we had no room to walk around at all and our room smelt like smoke so we spent minimal time in their needless to say. On the first night when we arrived our tour guide took us on a city tour around Paris in the bus. She was babbling about different things we were passing and all of a sudden everyone gets all excited because we caught our first glimpse of the eiffel tower, and oh gosh its beautiful at night, every hour on the hour it sparkles for 1 minute and it had caught our eye on the sparkling minute, ill never forget it. They took us around to get photos but its really hard to get a good picture of it at night. During the city tour we also stopped at a resturant and got a free sample of a french delecacy....snails.. all i have to say is they tasted like chewy garlic.. needless to day i dont think id ever eat them again.

The next day our contiki tour group all got together in front of the eiffel tower for a group picture and then we had the day to ourselves, the first thing we did was to go up the eiffel tower, we went up to level two and that was sooo high up and soo windy i was scared to go near the edges but i still got some good photos. After the eiffel tower we decided to go for a walk and find somewhere to eat lunch and oh boy did we find somewhere. The cafe where we had lunch was very lovely until we got the bill, for 3 glasses of coke it cost 22 Euro!! Needless to say after that we always asked how much drinks cost before buying them. After lunch we went and saw the arc de triumph which was cool then went down the very upmarket major shopping street in paris. That night we got to go and see the Moulin Rouge which was definantly something i wont forget, we got a 3 course meal then saw the show and there were a lot of boobs and bums!! After the show our group went into a close by pub for some drinks, we all got extremely drunk and stumbled our way out of a taxi at our hotel at about 4am.

Well the next day Drama King was sooo hungover so he didnt leave the hotel the whole day, but i went to see the lourve in the morning and it is sooo massive!! I got lost in the ancient egypt wing so most of my photos are from there, but i did manage to find the paintings so i could see the mona lisa. To be honest i was a little dissapointed, its the smallest painting, behind a thick layer of glass and theres a rope around it so you cant get closer then 2 metres to it. So I didnt really get a good photo of it, its the sorta thing that you see and thats it, youve seen it. The lourve was pretty boring for the fact that i was on my own and everything was written in french. I bought an english guide book with the major pieces in it and there were better pictures in the book then i was taking so im glad i bought it. In the afternoon we got to go to the palace of versaille, which before i went to paris id never heard of but it was definantly a highlight of Paris for me. Its the palace which louis 14th and marie antoinette lived and we got to go inside and have a local guide take us through it. It was seriously amazing, if ever in paris definantly go there!!

The next day we went to see notre damn which was absolutly amazing aswell, all the stained glass windows were beautiful and im not religious but i still loved it, we also got to see the venus bridge which the locals know as the bridge of love, it was very pretty. Something about Paris is that there is a lot of gold around the place. Everywhere you look theres something gold and the love bridge was no exception. Also something else about Paris is there are alot of scams going on and people that are trying to pick pocket you. So you cant just sit back and enjoy yourself, you have to always be thinking safe. But Paris is the most visited tourist destination in the whole world so what else could you expect? It just really opened our eyes to how unsafe places like that are, in broad daylight i did not feel safe walking down the street alone. That night we boarded the overnight train to go to our next destination...ROME!!!!!

Stay Tuned

Drama Addict
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Life as a new puppy owner....

Well i now have only a few pair of good shoes for the very fact that my puppy has chewed through most of them. I just dont get it, ive bought him many a chew toy in all differnet shapes and forms yet he still finds pleasure in chewing my shoes. Ive had to lock most of them up in my cubboard but the whereabouts of your shoes isnt something that you think about all the time so he still gets his paws on them. So when hes not chewing hes attempting to bite my fingers off. I think when i pat him he somehow thinks im trying to play with hinm and proceeds to bite any part of me he can. Can i feel the love? Call me crazy but yes, yes i can. Its hard to be mad at him because hes so cute. His name is Jasper and hes a mini foxy.

Now the responsibilty of owning a new puppy doesn't end at feeding it and walking it every day, its like bringing a new baby home from the hospital. It actually consumes you life for the first month or so. He actually crys when we are about to leave the house or when we go to bed. So most nights he takes up residence in our bed but Drama King got sick of that because Jasper had a little accident in the bed..OOPS.. it was not pleasent because toilet training a puppy is hard and it takes a lot of commitment because they dont have a very good short term memory so i still have to get him into a routine of going outside so when he gets older and has bladder control he doesnt go all through the house he'll wait until we get home or wake up before he goes. GOSH i cant wait for that day. Owning a puppy is also not cheap, on top of what it cost to buy jasper, obviously you have to buy all their toys, there carrier case and bed, their food and take them to the vet for puppy vacinations. My wallet is definantly a whole lot lighter since we got him. But he makes life more fun when hes around, he loves the beach so we take him for walks down to the dog beach on the weekends so he can socialise with the other dogs. Because hes so little he gets really scared when the big dogs come and try and play with him, and so do i, haha, they could eat him for breakfast. But he loves it and i love watching him play.

So although there are a lot of negatives of owning a new puppy there are also a lot of positives.

Stay Tuned

Drama Addict
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yes, Yes I do work in a call centre...

You know how every time you go to the movies and you order a medium drink and popcorn because to be honest no, i dont want to spend $12.00 on a large because i simply wont get through it and the girl at the counter always without fail asks you to upgrade for just an extra 0.50c? Why on earth do we say YES!! Those girls are making our nations fatter!! And in any other situation when someone trys to get just a little bit more out of me i'd normally refuse and come sulking back at a later date to purchase the thing i didnt think that i wanted but all of a sudden need so badly. But not to movie girls, the words NO just dont come out, normally its probably because im not really paying attention until after the fact because hey its just 0.50c? Well that surely adds up, maybe not in your wallet but definantly on the scales!! All i have to say about that is that cinemas makes a lot of money from upgrades..

Now working in a call centre is very very similar to working at a cinema except for some key differences, we dont get to see free movies, we get paid a lot more money and we work regular hours. Now i do not in any way envy the girl behind the counter at a cinema but i get where there coming from, its just like the mc donalds guy asking if you want fries with that?? Now my call centre specialises in telecommunications and the company will remain unnamed for pure fact that it would be naughty of me to mention their name. My area is sales, so all day long we wait for people to call us and want to buy stuff from us so really my job is not the hardest job in the book. The hard part is the targets we need to meet (to many to mention) so when someone calls to connect a home phone its our duty to say do you want fries with that (so to speak). There are sooo many options for a home phone as well as broadband, mobiles, pay tv..and the list goes on. Now a lot of people i know who work in night clubs, retail or are unemployed generally have a much more scandalous life the call centre like. The most scandalous thing thats happened so far since ive been there is a married female manager started dating a not so married male manager. OMG!! HOE!! haha

Now in my line of work you really do come across some weird characters, for example one of my friends at work had a really weird guy one day and because she sits near me i heard it all. So what i'll do is re-create some of the coversation...

My Friend: Welcome to ***** , How can I help you today?
Customer: Take off your shoes
My Friend: Actually sir I cannot take off my shoes due to health and saftey, how can i help you today?
Customer: Just take off your shoes
My Friend: (wanting to move on with the call told the customer she took off her shoes, but she didnt) Ok there off, how can I help?
Cutomer: (customer then started what would become a half hour call saying he jumped out of a car once and had a mental problem)
My Friend: (didnt actually need him to admit to that because it was farely obvious)
Customer: (breathing heavily into the phone and seemed breathless, asking at regular intervals if my friend was still there as she was silent talking to us telling us how weird the guy was)

Eventually my friend went and got our manager to take over the call coz the guy was getting weirder by the second and he hung up at that point...

Just another day in the office,

Stay Tuned

Drama Addict
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The date was sometime in March and most likely some ridiculous time in the morning when we boarded our domestic flight from a small town in North QLD, Australia to fly down to Sydney, the further on to Melbourne to catch our international flight. By this stage we were pretty freaking excited/over-tired before we even boarded the plane. its safe to say we had next to no sleep the 30 hours it actually took to get from home to arrive in London. The journey was extremely long and the only highlight was the fact we got upgraded to business class on the second leg of our journey because our airline stuffed up our departure city (hence transfer from sydney to melbourne). So that was an experience ill never forget or never be able to afford in the future. haha. So we arrived in London, after the 45 min taxi ride to our hotel from the airport and 75pounds later we showered and got straight back out onto the streets to explore not exactly realising just how cold it actually was. Needless to say we werent outside very long because i was only weaing jeans and a hoodie (one layer)..we learnt quickly..if you dont you freeze...but before we learnt we headed to pizza hut..i know(travel half way around the world and our first meal was pizza hut) but im extremely glad it was because it was the best pizza ive ever had in my whole entire life and im not even exagerating. Even better then the pizza in italy. Anyways by the time night time came around we were like walking zombies so we hit the hay only to wake up 3 times throughout the night. (stupid jetlag)

The next day was an early start and the first official day of our contiki tour which was mainly made up of americans, and i have to say they are the most classic and slightly naive tourists besides ourselves haha and i mean no disrespect because i love americans but i have to admit there was a few in paticular that we're gettin on my nerves throughout the tour and there was no escape because a lot of it was on the bus. So we drove out of London on the bus which felt stange considering we'd only just got there the day before and we headed to stonehenge which was like an hours drive or so and its honestly in the middle of nowhere, we were like driving, driving, driving on the highway and then BOOM, like magic there they are in the middle of a field next to the road. Pretty weird but cool at the same time, now of course i can say ive been there and everything but at the end of the day noone even knows how they got there, what they were used for, if they came from aliens so to me they were rocks, standing up in a field, with sheep surrounding it. The sheep were a little more exciting haha but i still got my stonehenge snow globe (incase i even forget what the rocks look like) because of course they have a giftshop there which not only i got the snow globe, but also purchased my best investment for the whole trip, a nice warm pair of sheep wool gloves because OMG it was sooooo damn cold there. Stonehenge was right up there with the coldest place we went.

Anyways after we marvelled at the rocks we continued our trek on the bus down england even further to the gorgeous city of bath, but all did not go to plan because when we arrived the majority of streets were actually blocked off for a marathon (it was a sunday) so we drove around it the coach for quite awhile because there was nowhere to park and we got into some tight spots which our amazing driver mark got us out of. when we eventually got out of the bus we had a few hours to explore this amazing town and visit the roman baths and the breathtaking abbey church. Bath was honestly one of my favourite towns. it was like going back in time, all the old stone buildings were so beautifully crafted. definatly a must see if your in england. After we'd spend a few hours there we ventured back to London and we were royally exhausted coz we were still extremely jetlagged. So we had dinner and had an early night.

The next day we had a traditional english buffet breakfast YUM and started our day with a London city tour which took us around to see all the major sights. Once that was over we had the day to travel around on the underground and do what we liked. The first thing we did was go to see buckingham palace which is actually less impressive when your there but still very cool, we then stopped by the second largest church in the whole world, St Pauls Cathedral, which was amazing then we continued to the Tower of London which was a huge favourite of mine. The history in that place is amazing and it takes so long to go through it because it is massive and of course right next to the famours tower bridge of london. And the tower of london is home to the crown jewels which we got to see, they are breathtaking!! So shiney and there was a video playing of Queen Elizabeths coronation which i had never seen before so that was interesting to watch. After the tower we had to hurry back to the hotel and had to get ready to go downtown to see a west end show. We saw a show called dreamboats and petty coats which was like a mixture of grease and high school musical but pretty good all in all. After that we hit the hay.

The next day was Tuesday and it saw us wave goodbye to jolly old england and we drove to the white cliffs of dover and travelled over the english channel on the ferry to FRANCE!!

Stay Tuned

Drama Addict
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A Snap Shot of 2010 so Far......

Soooo lately ive found it hard to keep my blog up to date, i always look at my blogger button on my favorites bar and then keep looking until my mouse reaches my facebook button instead, why is this i wonder, possibly because i have done sooo much so far this year i couldnt possibly put it in one entry.. but i'm definatly going to give it a go. Clearly I havent updated my blog since Feb and its currently June so i really need to be more attentive.

Ok March brought a most joyus occasion, my almighty EUROPE TRIP, i have one work to sum that up...AMAZING!! Would i ever do it again in march? Not a chance, it was sooooo cold i couldnt bare it, definatly a culture shock considering im used to nice warm weather, but thats what travelling is all about, culture shock. My Europe trip will get an entry all of its own for the fact that i have so much to say about it. April was farely boring, Easter, my brothers bday, trying to get back into work mode after a holiday (which is incredibly hard). May saw some very sad events, Vampire Diaries Season One came to a close and Gossip Girl Season Three saw an end. Noooooooo!! How will i survive?? Oh I know, June has brought the beginning of True Blood Season Three YAY it has been a very long wait for this first episode to air and it did not disappoint, i loved it but i dont think i could ever not, once it hooks you it doesnt let go. And vampire fever continues with the release of "The short second life of bree tanner" by stephanie myer. A shapshot into a charater from eclipse which i have just finished and actually found towards the end i didnt want her to die!! Stephanie actually picked the perfect time to release her book suprising enough because Eclipse hits cinemas on the 1/07 which isnt that far away YAY so excited, although i have to admit eclipse wasnt my favourite novel i just cannot wait until breaking dawn is realeased. its by far my favourite installment of the twilight saga.

Moving on June also brought something that all fashion freaks were dying for, Sex in the City 2, which I have to admit was actually a whole lot funnier and out there then the first movie and i loved it. If only people like Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha really exsisted in every day life how entertaining it would be. I honestly am actually jealous of Carrie, if thats even possible of a fictional character, they portray her as such a successful writer and i love the narration she comes up with. how do you come to the point where you a talented writer, love? commitment? no social life? a university degree? who knows, all i know is that i like writing what other people enjoy reading and so what if im not talented, sue me!!

The rest of this year holds even more adventures for me, me and my best friend of all time are jetting off to New Zealand in August for the Ultimate Winter Adventure, it will be the first time either of us have seen snow! We will attempt to ski and bungy jump and whatever else you do in New Zealand haha Stay Tuned for that much anticipated adventure. But of course how could I not mention the highlight of my year, my 21st bday coming up in September, USA here i come (in 2011)...but that shall be quite an event. Now please tell me this, is it a crime for me to go on a holiday without my drama king? Because i think it is reasonable for me to want a girls trip without him but he seems to see it differently and it makes me feel guilty even though i want to go without him my gut still gets a sick feeling when i try and talk to him about it. Gahhhhh will love ever get easier??? I believe that would be a big fat NO!!

Until next time

Drama Addict
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