Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life as a new puppy owner....

Well i now have only a few pair of good shoes for the very fact that my puppy has chewed through most of them. I just dont get it, ive bought him many a chew toy in all differnet shapes and forms yet he still finds pleasure in chewing my shoes. Ive had to lock most of them up in my cubboard but the whereabouts of your shoes isnt something that you think about all the time so he still gets his paws on them. So when hes not chewing hes attempting to bite my fingers off. I think when i pat him he somehow thinks im trying to play with hinm and proceeds to bite any part of me he can. Can i feel the love? Call me crazy but yes, yes i can. Its hard to be mad at him because hes so cute. His name is Jasper and hes a mini foxy.

Now the responsibilty of owning a new puppy doesn't end at feeding it and walking it every day, its like bringing a new baby home from the hospital. It actually consumes you life for the first month or so. He actually crys when we are about to leave the house or when we go to bed. So most nights he takes up residence in our bed but Drama King got sick of that because Jasper had a little accident in the bed..OOPS.. it was not pleasent because toilet training a puppy is hard and it takes a lot of commitment because they dont have a very good short term memory so i still have to get him into a routine of going outside so when he gets older and has bladder control he doesnt go all through the house he'll wait until we get home or wake up before he goes. GOSH i cant wait for that day. Owning a puppy is also not cheap, on top of what it cost to buy jasper, obviously you have to buy all their toys, there carrier case and bed, their food and take them to the vet for puppy vacinations. My wallet is definantly a whole lot lighter since we got him. But he makes life more fun when hes around, he loves the beach so we take him for walks down to the dog beach on the weekends so he can socialise with the other dogs. Because hes so little he gets really scared when the big dogs come and try and play with him, and so do i, haha, they could eat him for breakfast. But he loves it and i love watching him play.

So although there are a lot of negatives of owning a new puppy there are also a lot of positives.

Stay Tuned

Drama Addict


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