Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yes, Yes I do work in a call centre...

You know how every time you go to the movies and you order a medium drink and popcorn because to be honest no, i dont want to spend $12.00 on a large because i simply wont get through it and the girl at the counter always without fail asks you to upgrade for just an extra 0.50c? Why on earth do we say YES!! Those girls are making our nations fatter!! And in any other situation when someone trys to get just a little bit more out of me i'd normally refuse and come sulking back at a later date to purchase the thing i didnt think that i wanted but all of a sudden need so badly. But not to movie girls, the words NO just dont come out, normally its probably because im not really paying attention until after the fact because hey its just 0.50c? Well that surely adds up, maybe not in your wallet but definantly on the scales!! All i have to say about that is that cinemas makes a lot of money from upgrades..

Now working in a call centre is very very similar to working at a cinema except for some key differences, we dont get to see free movies, we get paid a lot more money and we work regular hours. Now i do not in any way envy the girl behind the counter at a cinema but i get where there coming from, its just like the mc donalds guy asking if you want fries with that?? Now my call centre specialises in telecommunications and the company will remain unnamed for pure fact that it would be naughty of me to mention their name. My area is sales, so all day long we wait for people to call us and want to buy stuff from us so really my job is not the hardest job in the book. The hard part is the targets we need to meet (to many to mention) so when someone calls to connect a home phone its our duty to say do you want fries with that (so to speak). There are sooo many options for a home phone as well as broadband, mobiles, pay tv..and the list goes on. Now a lot of people i know who work in night clubs, retail or are unemployed generally have a much more scandalous life the call centre like. The most scandalous thing thats happened so far since ive been there is a married female manager started dating a not so married male manager. OMG!! HOE!! haha

Now in my line of work you really do come across some weird characters, for example one of my friends at work had a really weird guy one day and because she sits near me i heard it all. So what i'll do is re-create some of the coversation...

My Friend: Welcome to ***** , How can I help you today?
Customer: Take off your shoes
My Friend: Actually sir I cannot take off my shoes due to health and saftey, how can i help you today?
Customer: Just take off your shoes
My Friend: (wanting to move on with the call told the customer she took off her shoes, but she didnt) Ok there off, how can I help?
Cutomer: (customer then started what would become a half hour call saying he jumped out of a car once and had a mental problem)
My Friend: (didnt actually need him to admit to that because it was farely obvious)
Customer: (breathing heavily into the phone and seemed breathless, asking at regular intervals if my friend was still there as she was silent talking to us telling us how weird the guy was)

Eventually my friend went and got our manager to take over the call coz the guy was getting weirder by the second and he hung up at that point...

Just another day in the office,

Stay Tuned

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