Friday, July 23, 2010

Four Thursdays Have Passed.....

Well I have now been single for 3 whole weeks but 4 thursdays.

It has gone so quick i couldnt even believe it when i realised today. I have been keeping myself pretty busy but at the same time ive been home alone a lot with my puppy. Im so glad i have my puppy jasper because he takes a lot of my attention and I love having something to come home to everyday. This weekend is the Townsville Cup, so horse races. To boys it means gambling and beer, to girls it means a chance to get dressed up and drink wine with friends. Me and my friends will be man hunting. There are not many tales to tell from the last 3 weeks, I have been hanging out with a specific guy but we are just bed buddies =P i told him i dont want to date and i dont want to get serious because im jetting off to New Zealand next month and i want to have fun hehe

Anyway im sure there will be tales to come.

Stay Tuned

Drama Addict
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Single Much?

News Flash, Drama Addict and Drama King have split!!

How does a drama addict be single? I know, go out and party it up and flirt with lots of boys to make new drama. Turns out Drama King was just not the right guy for me so time to live it up, have fun and be young. I am travelling the world more in the next year so probably for the best i dont have anyone tying me down. So I just cant help myself ive already been chatting with a new boy and it may have gone a little further then chatting but i dont want to jump on in to another relationship. So what do i do? I like the attention but im scared if i tell him i dont want a relationship he might loose interest. Gahhhhh single life is already getting the best of me!! I just dont want to casually stroll back into being someones girlfriend without even knowing!!

Help Me!!!!!

Stay Tuned for the New Single Adventures

Drama Addict
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