Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Its was officially AUGUST 2010!! What the?? Its gone sooo fast and I have already accomplished so much this year so far and still so much yet to come. Ok so ive been in love, ive fallen out of love, ive been half way around the world and back, ive made friends and ive lost friends, ive been out drinking more times then I can remember, ive had the best times and the worst times. So although I have done so much year to date I still have 2 more fantastic things to do this year along with a few other things that aren’t so fantastic… Fantastic thing number 1 is jetting off to New Zealand in 2 weeks time to see snow for the first time and fall over skiing and all those fun things. Fantastic thing number 2 is celebrating my 21st birthday in September!! Not very far away now and its going to be a whirl wind 2 weeks that’s for sure. Something ill never remember with friends ill never forget. Hahaha. I love looking back over this year because 2010 has been the best year of my life so far and it can only get better from here. Once im 21 I can officially go to the USA and drink until my hearts content and that is exactly what ill be doing in 2011. So like I said its only going to get better from here. New York, New York I can hear u calling meeeeeee. I want to be awake all night long in the city that doesn’t sleep!!
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